Week 2 update

Week 2 – Wednesday 16.03.2016

Tonight as I have just kissed my 18 month old good night and put to bed, I sat on the couch and turned on my computer to start some of my uni work. Now its been a massive week for us with little to zero sleep as she hasn’t been very well, so my readings and daily check ins went right out of the window and movies and snuggles on the couch where in.

I have come into two situations in the past week. Throw it all in or keep going. I chose to do this in the first place because when things got hard a couple of years earlier I threw it all away. Well I decided to keep my head up and keep going.

so back to accounting

My Company I was selected is VERY interesting. I has this feeling that I would be getting some sort of Mining company which was a bonus for me as my partner is also very interested and loves to hear about me rambling on about random figures. (Mind you I also learnt that  $,000.00 means you add that to the number on the Reports!!) – never said this was going to be easy…

So my company is called NRW Holdings PTY Ltd – there head office is 181 Great Easter Highway Belmont, Western Australia 6104. I have all 3 annual reports (massive reports they are). NRW started in 1994 and has bases in North QLD, South Africa, WA & NT. They have 3 companies in the one – NRW Civil & Mining , (ADB) Action Drilling & Blast and last but not least (AES)Action Equipment Solutions.  To summaries some of the information I have listed it below in dot point form. – I see these as my KCQ’s


  • The directors Believe that the company will be able to pay its debts as & when they are due.
  • It has reduced its staff members from 3,092 to 846 as at June 30,2015
  • Completion of works with extreme time frames has had a major impact on the cash holdings

Here are just a couple of figures I have found whilst digging

  • Revenue for 2015 is $775934,000.00
  • Total Assets for 2015 is $369189,000.00
  • Loss for 2015 is $229822,000.00
  • Total Liabilities are $240825,000.00
  • Total Equity is $128364,000.00



Eilish x

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I’m not one to write Blog’s, or any type of diary entry. I also have issues with spelling, and punctuation & pronunciations… just ask my other half he is my walking/ talking calculator & dictionary. I apologise in advance.

I’m 23 years old turning 24 in September. Im engaged and will be getting married in November. I have a daughter under the age of 2. I work full time for the Maranoa Regional Council in the Customer Service Facilitation.

I enjoy learning new things and I am determined to figure things out until I have a full understanding of what every I am doing.

So in short I like to give anything and everything a go. Im not shy and very easy to get a long with..


Look forward to the future-


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